Why is parallax cutting off the top of my image and how can I fix it?

The image that shows my problem is below (the woman’s head is cut off because of this problem)
I have the height set and the width set to 100%

The women seems to have the right proportions, is the image zoomed in or is in the correct size?

There is something I don’t know here, is the header a part of the parallax, should it be transarent or opal covering the image or is it a foreground/background thing?

Need more info and better the complete code or a link to the page.


I think we would need to see a working page and examine the images and code to diagnose the problem.
My initial thought is that it is the very nature of parallax effects that parts of an image will be obscured at certain levels of scroll. Images must be composed with sufficient “bleed” (to use a print term) to account for this.


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