Why is my website not selling?

Disappointing auction I’ve had on Flippa, I’m wondering if any of you guys can tell me what is really wrong?

  • My site earns $670+ per month average, I provided 7 months earnings proof with $670 cumulative average

  • The site ranks for top keywords in its niches

  • 90% search engine traffic with analytics reports provided

Normally other websites similar to this go for at least 20 - 30 times monthly profit, the ones that have strong search engine traffic. Would you be able to tell me what I’m doing wrong?

I also had 35 users watching my auction but only 5-6 bids, what are these people doing watching over my auction then?

Your guidance much appreciated

This is the norm for online website.

  1. Understand the ratio of conversation rate. My website has 10k visitors but the conversion rate is pretty low - probably only 1% per month.
  2. There is the possibility that our marketing strategy do not reach our target market. The quality visitors is very few.

Re-check back your site analysis and the traffic source. You will be able to find out the reason.

The OP is not asking why people don’t buy stuff on his website, but why people don’t want buy the entire site, paying it 20-30 times the montly profit.

mambojambo, if you provided a link to the Flippa auction we’d be better placed to attempt an explanation as to why your site is not selling :wink:

I believe there are other factors to buying a site. For example, is you site easy to maintain? Does the new owner needs to create niche content to sustain visitors interest?

HI … you may not be getting good bids … may be one mistake that we do is keep a initial high price tag… and second mistake is we do not make regular update to the clients or person following the bid.

It really can come down to a lot of the things and the largest being who may demand that type of website. I highly suggest you go to competitor sites and try to sell them your website directly and if they are interested use a third party escrow company. I have sold sites on flippa and some go great some just depends if their is the demand at the time. You may have to try a few times. Always remember to add as much detail as possible and statistics about your site. Finally I agree, you should get 20-30 times your monthly revenue if most of your results are organic.

Making money on website is the most significant factor. If you desire to sell a site successfully, it has to be make money. Even if your website has a big traffic, listing it previous to monetizing that site-traffic will be a bad choice. You would be capable to sell it, other than the money you get would be faraway below the actual value of the website.

The reasons may be many

  • buyers may find your income details as forged
  • The auction copyrighting is not attractive
  • may your bid price/bin price is higher than the buyer’s figure in mind
  • may your marketing methods are not suitable to buyers (cost spend with marketing methods are higher in point of buyers)

just let me know your listing page info to find out the exact answers.

And one more point you can list your website with other site marketplace sites to try your luck

http://websitebroker.com - paid service
Buy Sell Websites Marketplace- Free service
best of luck

Truth is, all kinds of websites are getting harder and harder to sell on flippa these days, even adsense sites. Check the “ending soon” tab, i always see websites making consistent revenues month in month out getting bids lower than their 3-months revenues. Don’t just look at the “just sold” tab, i think the results are FILTERED for that tab, to portray a good ‘picture’ of the whole marketplace.

Adsense sites (with consistent revenues) used to sell like hotcakes on flippa, but now even an adsense site making $500/month isn’t getting good bids on there… depressing…

There’s a reason why they aren’t getting bids. It isn’t that buyers have left the market - on my forums the biggest complaint from buyers seems to be that they can’t find good sites to buy.

If you’re seeing a site not getting bids of more than a few months’ revenue it’s because the site is rubbish, the stats are fake, the earnings are fiddled or the hype in the listing screams that it’s a scam.

Adsense sites (with consistent revenues) used to sell like hotcakes on flippa, but now even an adsense site making $500/month isn’t getting good bids on there… depressing…

Post a thread on my forums pointing to a good, non-scam Adsense site making $500 a month net and if it doesn’t get a bid of 24x net within a day, I’ll put in a 24x bid myself!

I think I know why your site did not sell. Have you done any kind of promotion for your flippa auction? You should sent out a tweet.You need to have a good sales copy but it seems that some auctions are really overseen on flippa, try again.

There’s a lot of factors that might have affected your website from not selling on Flippa. May we know what kind of niche is it? What was the starting bid? Did you put up a BIN price?

20-30 months earnings? Let US KNOW what you are selling and then we might be able to help you. Information is king! and you are giving us too few to work with.