Why is my Twitter so much more popular?

I think we all know how important social media is for websites these days.

My website is active in what I like to call the three most well known social media website, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

The one problem I have found is, we are pretty popular on Twitter but I have struggled to make any real impact on the other platforms.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what changes I could do?

Twitter: 19.4k followers
Facebook: 2,748 followers/likes
Instagram: 2,355 followers

Your advise would be much appreciated.

I think on twitter you can easily reach to more people by hashtags but for Facebook and Instagram you can run Facebook and Instagram ads to reach targeted audience.

You can simply advertise your other resources on Twitter… Or you can promote your Instagram for example. There are lots of both that helps to d othat.

don’t know about instagram but facebook recently changed the way they display content so people get more personal stuff in their feeds. We have seen a big drop in our shared content because of this. I lot of businesses are finding the same.

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Hi avillafan,

I think you should advertise your facebook and instagram profile in your twitter account and tell them that you can also follow as on facebook and instagram. but if your want a drastically increase of followers then i suggest you should advertise your page in facebook, since you can advertise in both just by using facebook ads manager.

you should advertise your facebook. I use ads FB and reached a lot of people and sold many goods.

hello avillafan i think you doing good on twitter.you have already some unique followers from twitter ,you can promote your facebook page and instagram account from twitter sent personal messages with your links your fallowers will fall back on facebook and instagram.

I see several people have now suggested advertising the Facebook and Instagram accounts to the existing Twitter followers. Is that really worth the effort? Surely the point of having accounts on different types of social media is that they appeal to different audiences. Is it worth putting in effort just to get the same audience on all three?

its depend of the quality of content, you should try to put some interesting content with photo graphs

As the OP has never returned, there seems little point in continuing to offer suggestions.

Thanks to all who contributed.

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