Why is my fade function not working in Safari?


I have written a very small class to show Alerts. It works fine in all browsers except Safari. Does anyone has an idea what the problem can be? At the end I use nothing very special here.

Just from a scan @Thallius you appear to have one too many parentheses on the returned promise inside of show.

You may have good reasons for styling with opacity and I could be wrong, but I can’t help but think that using show/hide classes would be a better option. You could then use transitionend eventlisteners instead.

I suspect that way would require a lot less code.

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The too many parentheses is coming because I can’t stop to type an open bracket before searching for resolve autocomplete in my IDE, which then also adds brackets around the resolve :slight_smile:
But this is not a problem at all.

The transition listeners are very cool. Never seen them before. I will check with them


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There is a html 5 element to create modal and modeless dialogs. Easy to use and style that works in all major browsers. The dialog element makes UI design easier.

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