Why Is Google Editing My Title Tag And Showing Something Else Instead?

Why is google editing my title tags and showing something else instead in its search results. (Like the company name)

For example my Home Title tag is Website Design Los Angeles, Graphic Design, Logo Design, Web Design (67 characters) but it is showing Amberd Design Studio. It does the same for some other pages too. The only one that is not “edited” is the last link in the screenshot.

The original title tag is not even long and I use 3 keywords in it website design, logo design, graphic design.

This is what i did: searched my company name and also did site:www.mydomain.com

Here Is a screenshot: https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-lTRV8JirzRE/T-8oPRfQk2I/AAAAAAAAAJ0/X2yDEA9nOjA/s1600/screenshot.JPG

It looks like the last one in the screenshot is the only one in a sub-folder and the rest are pages under the root.

Yes i know Thanks. But that is not my question. My question is why did google rename my title tags? and how do i fix them?
Bing and yahoo are showing my correct title tags. Its just google that is giving me a problem

Because those are sitelinks. When you google your domain name it should show a couple of sitelinks if your domain has been around longer than 2 years. Once you click on show more results it will put - Site Name at the end of the title tag because it’s linked to that domain name. That - Site Name most likely isn’t showing up for your actual individual page result though. If you want to find out if it is or not then google that page meta tag title without site:domainname.com

Bing and yahoo are not doing that? they show my normal, original titles. and site:www.domain.com is not the only way i checked. I also typed the company name in google but it does not show my original titles. it showed edited, renamed, changed titles. I also typed these keywords on google “website design amberd” “graphic design amberd” still no luck.

One thing i forgot to note: My title tag used to be long I changed it 3 days ago. Made it 67 characters. Could this mean that google still did not update its catch?
But if this is the case it should show my old long title tag not just the company name

It will take google more than 3 days to update your title tag depending how often it crawls it. From what I believe the sitelinks from your screenshot are being based around anchor text and header tags.

Yeah I do have a lot of anchor texts with the company name. hmm… that could be it.

Your title is nothing but spam. Google often do this in these cases. They are interested in serving the best title in the search results to serve the user, not the website.

BTW, If I came across a title like yours in my search results, I would NOT click on it as it looks so spammy. Provide a title that users would want to click on.

ADDED: I see you offer SEO services. This is basic SEO, so you making a fool of yourself having to ask this question and not know things like this!

CBP is correct, search results are not to cater to the site owner, their client is the advertiser and the searcher and they strive to make that experience great for both.
If you want to be successful in SEO, you need to forget about search engines all together and cater to the client you want to target your site to.
Also what is with all the meta name tags on your site? I have never seen this before.

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