Why is causing the left side to shift on Clone 2?

The left object on the bottom on Clone 2 shifts, gets pushed upward when you compare them both side by side.

The padding doesn’t change, instead, when compared, the left bottom object on Clone 2 is higher than on Clone 1.

Between Clone 1, and Clone 2, what is the visual difference I’m seeing when it comes to the left bottom object on Clone 2 being pushed upwards?

Clone 1

padding-bottom: 56px;


Clone 2

The left side here is shifting for some reason.

What is causing the left side padding to increase?

How would I get the padding to go back to 56px?


padding-bottom: 62px;


Jacketb is a different height in both examples.

180px and 174px giving you a 6px greater height on the right column thus meaning the left column has a a 6px extra gap.


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