Why is bounce rate different for the same page in Google analytics?

Hi from damp & foggy Wetherby UK…

After 60 mins of Googling “Whats the difference between Landing pages bounce and pages bounce” I give up. All i get is a tonne of content about what bounce is, I know aaarrrrrggg!!!

Looking at the screen grabs in the above urls you can see that in the content section of Google analytics I’m desperate to understand why on a specific page bounce is different between the page section and the landing page section in Google analytics.

I know what a landing page is but why oh why in the new version of Google analytics is bounce rate different for the same page when you flick between the pages tab & the landing pages tab?

Any insight welcome ;-):confused:

Ignore this thread, I genuinely forgot my glasses today and note the bounce rate is the same, it just switches into a different column :open_mouth: