Why href not linking to other page?

I don’t know why my href both not working, I already have the aboutus.html in my folder, it was working before but after I put my usb to another pc it was not working, html was like,

< a href="aboutus.html">ABOUT US</a> &nbsp


Hi juinff,

and a warm welcome to these forums. :winky:

The information that you have provided, though, is not
sufficient enough to provide a solution to your problem, :wonky:

Can you supply your HTML and CSS code for the page?

If you can, this will enable members to actually see the
problem themselves and suggest possible solutions.

Also, If you have a link to the page itself that would also do.


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The html that you posted contains a couple of typos that may not be in your original code, but just in case they are:

< a href="aboutus.html">ABOUT US</a> &nbsp
There must be no space between the opening “less than” symbol and the “a”
The &nbsp code at the end of the line must end with a semi-colon &nbsp;

You will need to describe your physical environment for us. I have no idea what USB you are talking about… what it might be connected from and to. I gather that the “to” is a PC, but how is the target defined by the anchor? or by your network?

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As has been said, we do not have enough information to be sure what the problem is.

My guess is that it is a matter of what is often called absolute paths versus relative paths. I do not know what operating system you are using but let us say that aboutus.html is in a directory called website in a directory called documents in a directory called juinff; something like one of the following:


And if the HTML file with the anchor (“a” tag or also called link or hyperlink) is not in the same directory/folder as aboutus.html then aboutus.html will not be found because href=“aboutus.html” says that aboutus.html is in the same directory/folder.

I do not know enough about what you are doing to be able to say how to fix it.

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