Why health sites are banned?

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I have a query!

Most of the social bookmarking sites count health sites as spammy. When I try to bookmark social bookmarking sites show error “your entry has been discarded due to some spammy words”. I think words such as weight loss, phentramin or any other health related or health products words counted as spammy words but sites don’t show the particular reason or which particular word is spammy. same problem is encountering when I am trying to create Squidoo page. How can I solve this…please share your experiences. Do not give needless advices. Only practical answers.

We get a lot of spam here on SPF that revolves around ‘health’ issues. Some of it is the kind of “Enlarge your bits” spam that you would expect, but there is a lot around weight loss as well as other pharmaceutical products. After electronics, it’s probably the second biggest category of spam we get. So I’m not surprised that other sites are flagging these terms as potentially spammy.

Assuming that you are not spamming, all I can suggest is to try removing words that you think might be causing the problem one at a time, and see if you can identify the trigger word(s). Of course, it might not be just a single word, but a combination of several that activates the warning.

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Simple really. You take something that is only available from a Doctor on prescription and offer it free to anyone who wants to pay for it.
Illegal in some countries and damaging to end user.

[COLOR=#464646]Phentramin being a weight loss pill that may work for some but more likely just a placebo effect for others can’t be regulated online and so places like Squidoo probably dont want to be associated with it. By them allowing adverts, bookmarks or whatever, they may be seen to be endorsing or promoting it which wouldn’t be good for them.

Avoid posting in irrelevant areas and markets, as Stevie said we get TONS of spam and garbage for weight loss rubbish (and IMHO it is rubbish).
Make your adverts relevant and get rid of recognised keywords that would get you removed/blocked/banned.


Hi Steve,

If I’ll remove the word for example “phentramine” then it would not make any sense without that word. Because I want to promote my website for this keyword.Hope you understand my problem.

I think you just answered your own question. Social media sites aren’t there to help you promote your keywords. They are in place to help you network with your customers, friends, family, and other contacts.

Ironic the OP is having trouble with his stuff being flagged as spam and he admits his purpose is to spam. So the flagging system was in the right. I love it! If you’ll forgive me for flaunting and pointing that out. :rofl:

hahaha what a answer!
Tell me how many peoples use social bookmarking sites to search their query. There are only 5-6 popular social bookmarking sites and only webmasters know those sites name.If these sites aren’t there to help us promote our keywords then why social bookmarking is considered as one of the seo off-page activity? Why we use these sites to create back links?

These are the few social bookmarking sites. Tell me how many your friends or customers know these names.
afroclick. info
aishmark. info
allbusinessfinance. org
alphabetically. info

In first reply you said remove those spammy words now you are saying these sites are not there to promote keywords. Please be on your words and don’t give needless advice.

First of all, in case you hadn’t noticed in the guidelines or in other threads of this forum, this forum is about content for visitors not for bots. In short, it isn’t the SEO forum. If you with to discuss your SEO trials and tribulations, please use the Internet Marketing Forum.

Secondly, I never said remove your spammy words, that was Stevie D’s advice.

Finally, you don’t add keywords to Social sites to promote your products or services. The promotion is viral, a word that most “SEO Experts” are just beginning to understand. Good backlinks from any media come from being recognized as an authority in your field, not from keyword spamming.

Surprisingly, your username does not fit with your knowledge. Wait… that isn’t surprising at all.

On my side, HEALTH sites like slimming something and boosting something meds are flooding in my emails. I don’t know where’d they get my email address but everyday I got 20-30 mails from them and I think it is really spammy…

I actually experience the same way as you encountered. I also receive a lot of e-mails containing this kind of things. A lot of the e-mails goes to the spam area automatically, I also think it’s spammy.

I did a quick Google search with search “health products”. They all seemed to be in the category of vitamins and supplements or advisory websites.

You could always try Google adwords but I guess your products would need to be legal in USA.