Why 'header' is very important in the content of a web page?

So much has been said about ‘header’ while writing web content. I want to know what exactly is the role of a ‘header’ in web search. Do headers get indexed quite easily by the search engine spiders? Some repetitive headers don’t get indexed without spending hours of work on the Internet!!!

Which of the several “headers” are you referring to.

Do you mean the HTTP header, the HTML <head>, or the header portion of the page content. Each of these serves a completely different purpose but each is referred to as a header when discussing web pages.

Perhaps it appears that there is so much written about headers because you are thinking of the total references to headers without realising that there are three different types and that a single web page will have all three…


Header tags are very important since it helps to improve your website ranking. And more it is the header part that says what your page is all about.It is the header that tells both the search engines and site visitors about your page.

The six levels of heading tags such as H1,H2,H3,H4,H5, & H6 must be used properly for better enhancement of a website.

This just adds to the confusion. The H1, H2, etc. tags are important for presenting the content of the page clearly. Used properly, they help visitors understand the structure of the page. And they help break up the content into smaller chunks, which makes the page easier to read.

But there is no evidence that they “tell the search engines about the page” - or that they have any role at all in SEO.


That there is no evidence that ‘the headers tell the search engines about the page’ is good news for budding marketers like me.

I agree that headers tags are useful to present the content neat. But in my experience with one of my clients site’s it has worked out in ranking as well.

Search Engines robots start reading a web page from its header section and due to this Title, Keyword and Description tags are placed in the header section. Second, Header is a introduction section of a web page that why it is consider important.

Google is increasingly changing seo algorithm, so the headers are now becoming even grater importance for ordinary links that are equally associated with the anchor as the header page where they are located.