Why has "Allow this site to send you notifications" become the new popup?


It’s sort of snuck up, but you see it more and more. That little browser popup that says example.com would like to send you notifications.


Just why do people think its a good idea to bug your visitors to allow them to spam you randomly at their whim? No, random blog site i’ve visited exactly once while googling an answer to a very specific problem that you’ve now told me and i have no further interest in your site, I do not want to give you that ability. Ever.


It’ another smart dumb marketing ploy to p!ss off your visitors.


The number of sites that I visit and rapidly close is increasing on a daily basis.

I don’t know how developers measure their page’s success but convinced they fail to check “time on site” and only check for renditions.

Also when they are testing a page cache must fail to show the infuriating page “jumps” that make it difficult to return to the last place being read. I just give up and abandon the article!


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