Why fql `SELECT recent_news FROM group WHERE gid = 2204685680` is empty?

I want get the recent news from a group, I read fql/group

and use SELECT recent_news FROM group WHERE gid = 2204685680, but the callback json data is empty. Where am I wrong? Anyone can give me some suggestion? Thank.

Does gid 2204685680 exist and do they have recent_news?

gid 2204685680 is a group of php.
here is the URL: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2204685680
I want get the comments from the group wall.

… you can’t run SQL queries directly on Facebook’s database.

So, how can I get the information which I want to? Use FBML? or other development language?

Yeah, you’ll have to use some API which Facebook supplies.

I have found a way that use “https://graph.facebook.com/2204685680/feed”, For some reason this field in fql is not retrieving anything.

please check if this id is already present in the database or not.