Why doshdosh has stopped?

Hi, i know a great blog. it has got page rank 6, but i don’t know why this blog has stopped from a very nice position. there last post was in December 14th, 2009, could you please tell the reason

Yes but if the article is really good and mentioned (linked) by others then it will retain its position. I think Google also gives credit when the page gets traffic.

Maki is the real deal and the main thing you notice about his posts is that they are long, I mean really, really long, sometimes over 2000 words so he is able to get a lot of rich content in his copy.
However, it does make a mockery of all the SEO experts who say that Google loves fresh content and ranks accordingly…

Dosh dosh is really good. It doesn’t go out of the number 1 spot for the keywords “Alexa Ranking Tips” which my blog is 2nd and “Alexa Tips” which I got the 10th position. I’ve been monitoring those keywords since the beginning of the year and Dosh dosh is always in the no 1 position.

Like for 6 months straight?

I don’t think Maki has actually officially stopped blogging on DoshDosh – he just doesn’t update it very often anymore.

Don’t know the reason. But this blog has lots of valuable content which will keep in popular in the years to come

Contact the author via Twitter or email?

I think Maki said he was busy with projects. I think he does still post periodically though (maybe once every 2 months he’ll put a post there). http://twitter.com/doshdosh --he doesn’t tweet as much as he used to either. Too bad because his tweets were deep and philosophical.

Actually it was since early last last year that he decreased his posting frequency massively. I think I emailed him early last year and his response was that “his blog isn’t really a news site” so he doesnt feel obliged to write content every day or every week.

Either way the blog has the best content on the subject of internet marketing and thats why he never loses his ranking and traffic.

I am also amazed how Dosh Dosh able to keep its ranking and traffic even though thre’s no new blog article for 5 months already.