Why dont my reviews appear on my Google+ page on IOS mobile browsers?

My Google+ about page has some reviews on it that I would like to direct visitors to my website to

So I link to my Google+ about page

On desktop computers everything is fine: click the link and you get the about page with the reviews at the bottom
On my iPhone and iPad it doesnt work (IOS7 + Safari or Chrome)
You get the about page (sort of), but the reviews arent there, and Im not sure the rest is the same either
Install Googl+ app and everything is fine again - only I cant rely on people doing that
I dont know what happens on an Android browser, but I would be very interested in knowing if anyone would tell me

I have so far solved it by linking directly to my reviews (the way they appear in search results, and not on my Google+ page per se)
Only that doesnt look too good, especially not on a wide screen
See my website and click the blue Google+ icon at the bottom

Does anybody know how to link to my Google+ about page in a way that the reviews are accessible?


Google+ is a nightmare usability-wise. Why not just place the reviews on your own site?

Great idea. Take control. Thanks