Why domain changes to IP when download

I saw on some sites where I’ve download some files when access to download link or when download image by saving:

here’s the example:

http://example.com/d/images/slideshows/123-mi3ddle .jpg
In download histyory I saw this: .jpg

The IP Addresses are just the domain’s IP. Accessing the website via an IP Address is just like accessing the website via the domain name.

maybe for secure are changed to ip or it’s according to host provider?

No, you can access any website either by the domain’s name or the IP Address. Usually, when you access a website, you’re just accessing the pretty domain.

Try or

That’s sitepoint’s IP Address. There’s nothing really that is relevant for security to using an IP Address or the domain name. Although I could be wrong.

Anyone can obtain a domain’s IP Address. Just type in command prompt or terminal

ping _____
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ok thanks for your comment :slight_smile:
obviously this depends on the configuration of server or something other

Not really. The IP Address is default. It’s just how computers talk to one another. The domain name you see is just for humans and you’d rather see example.com instead of 1xx.xx.xx


Can you supply a link that demonstrates this happening. I cannot remember ever seeing this.


Ah yes. As I suspected. If you view the source code. They are linking everything (mostly everything) to That is why you are seeing the IP Address instead of the domain name. Like I said before, you can access a website either by the IP Address or the domain name.

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Something a bit more than choice is going on. A CDN perhaps?
That IP resolves to https ://clients.ibg.bg/

It seems ibg is the “parent” of “dnes” and several other websites.
My guess is that instead of storing assets per site they are being stored per company so that the assets can be controlled by the parent / used by more than one site

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Yes I saw source code.OK.


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