Why doesn't my website visitors?

Why doesn’t my website visitors? My site working approximately 1.5 months. Please may I have your attention, please?

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Hi @harunhp. Welcome to the SP forum.

Your question is rather unclear. Perhaps this is the reason that no one has responded as yet. Try to formulate your question a bit better. That makes the chances that someone can give you an answer or give you some useful tips a lot bigger

You have to do SEO for your website to generate traffic.
Learn basics first of all.

Try to cooperate with opinion leaders in your sphere. You can offer them some value and they will provide you with new visitors.

What I’m understanding from your question is that, you’re not getting visitor for your site.
If this is the question then you need to understand it’s not particularly easy to get visitors to your new site. It take certain time & efforts like- SEO optimization, Social media marketing, Back link creation and so on. If you want quick result, you can go with paid way like- PPC, Google ad words, Facebook ads.

As the OP has apparently lost interest, there seems little point in continuing to guess at what might be the issue.

Thanks to those who contributed.

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