Why doesn't css listen to me?

Hi - on this page, just above the menu:


I’m clearly telling .gpdb h3 a: – “Get WHOLESALE Prices on CLEAN Food” – to display with no underline, and to highlight in yellow when it’s hovered over.

I’m doing exactly the same as the .postit h3 a: a little above it in the css.

But this stoopid css listens to postit but doesn’t listen to gpdb

Please can someone tell me WHY when I do the exact same thing, it works and it doesn’t work?

I feel like kicking this css into the ocean…

thanks, Val

You’re telling .gpdb h3 a but your html tags are nested otherwise: .gpdb > a > h3:

 <div class="gpdb">
      <a href="" target="_blank">
           <h3>>>Get WHOLESALE Prices on CLEAN Food. No GMO's! No Pesticides! FREE Delivery!<<</h3>

oh that’s so cool! Thank you! I never knew that the tags must be nested so they follow the css.

That’s the general idea, actually =)

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