Why does this look different in IE & Firefox?


Can anyone help me with this?

This page looks perfect in IE7 but when i look in firefox its slightly different. I am using 3.5.7 which i updated today, so i think it may be because its a newer version of the browser. But anyway heres the page:-


Just in case you dont see the problem, where you see “Newslettter” this should have a margin on it, and where you see Our services it should have a background applied to it…

Can anyone help?


Hi, the Our services div needs to be claered, and I don’t see the newsletter issue?


WHY does adding the clear:right; make the image re-appear?

Floating the div left or right also makes it re-appear (but breaks the layout).
Applying a background color instead of an image also doesn’t work unless it is cleared or floated.
(And clear:left; doesn’t make the image show either, just right or both)

John, I dont see either issue.

The reason “Newsletter” doesnt have margin showing, is because you didnt apply any. You have 10px padding, but no margin.

I see a background on “Our services” in FF, IE7, and IE8. Its called “right.png”

Dont forget to validate your code!

Hi John, the problem is is that the thing above the Our services is floated right, and obviously a clear:left; won’t clear a right floated element lol :). It is snagging on the bottom of it .