Why Does the Text Always Come Out Italic?- Photoshop Question

Why does the text in the font, Broadway, always become italic? It was specified as Crisp, but I changed that to none, but the bottom “review group” text still looks italic!! :mad:

Are you doing this in graphics program? I think you need to give more information. What does ‘I changed that to none’ mean?


In Photoshop CS5, I changed the property that has 2 a’s right beside it when you are using the options available in the text tool, from ‘crisp’ or ‘smooth’ to ‘none’ on the existing text. It seems to be okay now.

Thanks for your response.

Crisp, smooth or none have to do with the anti-aliasing, not with it being italic or not. You’ll need to select a non-italic font, or disable the italic option (sorry, I don’t have Photoshop so I can’t tell you where that option is).