Why does my table not have any borders?

I guess it’s something in the CSS but I cannot spot it in either the Chrome or Firefox Inspector

The page is http://www.c5d.co.uk/kimmeridge1911.php

Thanks as always

You have some major issues with your site @certificates, the load time is taking far too long and I would imagine your homepage.php should be http://www.c5d.co.uk/, all that is being returned is the Google site verification for you main page… looks like the page you have put here has some layout issues also. you are correct about the borders though, you can do plenty with borders in CSS, here is a link to a good article that give you some idea of what can be done…


Thanks for your interest.

I know it takes a while to load, I don’t don’t why.

I always try and read the W3C pages before asking but I can’t see anything definitive. And I just can’t see what in the stylesheet is causing borders not to show.

C5d.co.uk has a different stylesheet completely.

I cant get GT Metrix to work as it’s timing out but Pingdom Tools is generating some errors if you look here https://tools.pingdom.com/#!/elNKh8/http://www.c5d.co.uk/kimmeridge1911.php

Your site is trying to load resources from some external sites which do not exist which is why the load time is longer, there are also some redirects happening which is causing a delay also… if you can look in your code and remove the bad code then that will probably solve that problem, it will certainly help…

The load time is a minor problem

What I have been trying to do is to merge some seven stylesheets in to one. But they covered about 400 tables and pages.

This last table is pretty much the final one.

When I have sorted the tables and removed the redundant css then I can start looking at other areas.

Yeah, I think it’a always a good idea to try and use as fewer style sheets as possible and either comment out or remove any unused code, the link I sent you earlier will help with your borders, Google chrome is pretty good to work out what is going on with your CSS and the Firebug addon for Mozilla Firebox is one of the best things every created to modify CSS is in real time to see how things may look once you edit the code for real…

Thanks anyway.

I guess it’s one for later. I just can’t see what the cause is

Your CSS is not being Parsed correctly, the first thing to do is correct the issues on line 278 and line 301, this will help.


Just looking at your code again @certificates I think you need to change border: to border-style as you are specifying a solid border…

Thanks for that. 301 sorts out that table.

278 is for 1901 Now to check that. It should have a 1 px black border

think you need to add color: before #000 also on line 278

Yes, I just spotted that one thanks

Yeah no problem, don’t forget to like things that are helpful, more will be inclined to help you in the future if you show your appreciation… haha :blush:

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