Why does my page move left?

I have tried to stay away and battle through, but I am stuck with two problems here.

  1. After the three divs are lined up, and the floats cleared the text all moves left. Why ? It’s from line 61 downwards on this web page http://www.c5d.co.uk/Summary%20Book.htm

I think is because the DIVs close the kimmeridgeblocktext

The second query I have not been able to find any clue by googling or looking in my book. It’s regarding the second list. What are showing as line 3, 4 & 5 should in fact be a, b & c (with brackets round them) and 6 should be 3.

It is in a nested list.

Any ideas?

The “.registrar” item rules are also affecting the nested list items. Try put a “first child” sign: > after the “.registrar” part of the selector, like:

.registrar {margin-left:0; padding-left:0; counter-reset:item; list-style-type:lower-alpha;}
.registrar > li {margin-left:0; padding-left:0; counter-increment:item; list-style:none inside}
.registrar > li:before {content:"(" counter(item) ")"; padding-right:0.5em}

Thank you. The > in the CSS is new to me. It works a treat. Now to find out how to get the brackets around the letters. I’ll scout around and see what I can find

If it was missing in your book, anyway, there is a good explaination here:

(The correct name for it is the “direct child” combinator.)

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