Why does Microsoft so eager to send me "recommendations" (which aren't ads, I guess)?

I use Microsoft Edge as main web browser. I generally like it. It’s comforatble for me and its data control (what to clear on exit) is existing (unlike in Google Chrome, where no such option exists) and it’s also broad besides existing.

But, why does Microsoft so eager to send me “recommendations” (which aren’t ads, I guess)?

They don’t let me choose not to show them until further notice, only “for one week” :laughing:

Screenshot 2023-06-25 194157

Sure it’s an ad.

Why do you do SEO on your website?

Because they want you to use their services so they can make more money from advertising.

Sometimes these tech giants get a bit too eager to put stuff in front of our eyeballs. :laughing: :laughing:

So… you feel Microsoft shouldn’t advertise their own services on their own platform?

I see.

How do you feel about advertising your own services on your own website?

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