Why does it keep doing this!?!? (Ranking dropped on compete.com)


Why is it that everytime my traffic increases, my rankings get lower?

-It first started with Alexa. My ranking showed to be around the 300,000 range with about 400-500 visitors a day. Then when my number of visitors got higher, my ranking dropped to the 2,000,000 range.

So I looked at compete.com and quantcast.com and saw that they were both in the 200,000 range. I felt a lot better and thought it was more accurate.

Then my alexa ranking started to get higher and I was expected all 3 sites to finally meet eachother halfway. I also started getting a lot of link backs to my sites for the past two months because bloggers were talking about a contest that I was running.

So here’s what happened.

As of two days ago on compete.com, my ranking was still around 200,000. Yesterday, my website finally broke 1,000 visitors for one whole day, after staying around 700-900 visitors a day for weeks.

So I then check today and see that my Compete.com ranking dropped down to 994,776 and my ranking for quantcast.com is now blank (not showing at all). And compete is now saying that I got 1,336 uniques for the past month, when my Awstats said that I got over 10,000 uniques the past month. I know my awstats is accurate because my stats show a steady trail of growth patterns.

WTH is going on!?!?!

Your traffic is so minimal as to barely register on those sites so large fluctuations are the norm.

In the big scheme of things, what do you care what those sites say? You know how much traffic you are getting and you can prove it to potential ad buyers if need be.

your sites are are rowing traffic and you are worrying about Ranking
why you are wasting your time checking you site ranking

what come in my mind is that crawlers are now indexing your pages and started visiting your site frequently
as my experience the site get indexed quickly get Ranking slowly and the site get ranking quickly get indexed slowly