Why does it cost me to recieve Adsense payments, but paypal is free?

Why does my bank charge me $20 to receive my adsense payments direct into my account, but when I receive paypal payments into my bank account its free? Are they using two different ways to send money overseas?

Not really sure the reason why,the only thing i can suggest is the currency that the adsense payment was differant from the bank account.My bank acount is in sterling but sometimes i get cheques in dollars so they have to convert the money over this they will charge you for.

But in my adsense account i change that so i get payed in my local currency,that maybe the reason they charge you.If not i dont have a clue then

Im thinking its my bank actually, but just want to know if others are being charged by their bank to receive adsense payments direct into their bank account?

I don’t think you can check out through paypal, but when you receive a check make it sure that it is greater than 15 dollars. Cause with all the fees it can attain 15-20 $ fee, at least in my country.