Why does Google ranking low-quality high authority content but not high quality content?

Recently, I have noticed too many ups and downs SERP.
You know why I’m losing rankings because I’m creating quality content, genuine articles but not creating backlinks, and guest posts that help to get authority, quality backlinks.

is it ok to give value to authority sites even when they have poor content?

What about genuine bloggers who work day and night to create unique content but no one care because they have no authority and backlinks?

But I always think why it is saying that ‘content is king’ when Google ranking rubbish content on top place based on backlinks and authority.

I have a few questions for you…

#1. Why does Google still care about backlinks if the content is king?
#2. Why does Google rank low-quality thin content that buys quality backlinks and authority, but not giving any value to high-quality content?
#3. Why black hat SEO still alive?

#1: Because content is king, and the best way for a spider to find new content is through reputable links in those good content sources.
Think of it this way: You put a car on the road. It’s a great car, you made it yourself. Woo. Joe from the next town over doesnt know you. How does he know your car isn’t a lemon? Well, if you’ve gone to the CarBrand Dealer, told them about your car, they’ve looked at it, and said “Yeah, his car is good” to Joe… Joe can trust you more, because CarBrand Dealer is vouching for you, and they’re a reputable brand.
#2: The phrase “buys quality backlinks” is an oxymoron. And what exactly makes you believe that google does not give any value to high quality content?
#3: Because people will always try to game the system, and try to make a quick buck off of people who get suckered into believing they can get an edge that way. Human nature.

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You need to read the relevant Google documentation then ask Google about anything you do not understand. You can get speculation and opinion here but it might not be accurate.

I can suggest one thing. It is likely that Google’s opinion of quality content is good English grammar. A few years ago I edited technical articles for a website. Most of the articles were written by people in India. There are millions of very intelligent people in India. I tried to explain to them what is better grammar. They did very little to improve. Perhaps they thought their English grammar is correct. I think that poor use of English grammar is so prevalent in India that Indians think that it is proper.

Okay, let me search for what affects google ranking. Wow! There are many articles. Have you read any of them? If you had read any of them then you should ask specific questions. In Google’s 200 Ranking Factors: The Complete List (2019) grammar is number 37.

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