Why does Google pull meta descriptions from dmoz.org

I am maintaining a site currently that has pretty good rankings on our number one keyword, however within the last week or two Google has started to pull our meta description from dmoz.org. Does anyone know why Google is doing this or is there something I may have done to have this happen? This is hurting my ranking and I need a solution! I have requested an update with dmoz.org but it has not gone into effect and I fear it is going to take awhile.

Dubhglais - Does Google view this as a negative thing? I would love to add this code to prevent dmoz’s description from being pulled, but I don’t want to put a block in my code that would essentially hurt how Google views my site.

KM - I am not a huge fan of this dmoz site. What is the benefit of being listed on it?

You can direct Google not to use this as a source by adding a meta tag to your pages.

To prevent all search engines (that support the meta tag) from using this information for the page’s description, use the following:

<meta name=“robots” content=“NOODP”>

No ranking weight is placed on having or not having this tag on your site.

The description from DMOZ is used when relevant because it is human edited and meant to be a better reflection on a site’s description - as opposed to a site-owners’ own megalomaniac version, or an automated one.

I have seen no evidence of this.

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It supposedly helps your site get listed in other major engines

I have a site that’s been waiting to get submitted at DMOZ.org for over 6 years now…and they tell me to be patient!

I offered to be an editor and they turned me down…prolly cause they figured I’d list me site, and then quit, which was the plan :rofl:

A one way link from a long established directory pointing to a website has no value at all??? :eek:

Dmoz supposed to be the major directory for search engines but its very hard to get listed.

That’s because they won’t let anybody help them…they say they depend on volunteers, but they turn down most people that volunteer

Can one of you three please tell me what your posts have to do with the original posters question? Do you even read threads before posting in them?

I was replying to post #4’s question which is relevant to the discussion since the original posted was concerned about his rankings being hurt