Why does external jpg appear on corner of page?

Hello group,
I am having external jpgs show up on a flash cs3 page. However, when I first click the invisible movie clip it makes the photo show up on the bottom right corner of the page first. Then it shows up where I have the mcloader.
Does anyone know why that is?
I have been trying to troubleshoot this but nothing is working.
Below is the AS2.
Any help would greatly be appreciated.

However, the buttons are animated in with tweens. The invisible buttons are in top of the animated button movie clips.
I don’t have the mcLoader show up until the end of the tween… where everything stops.
Let me see what happens when I put the mcLoader to the beginning of the keyframes where the animation tweens beging.

I AM HAPPY TO SAY THAT WAS THE PROBLEM!!! I WAS HAVING THE INVISIBLE BUTTON LOOK FOR THE mcLoader but the mcLoader was all the way at the end of the keyframes.
When I put the mcLoader where the tweens began it found the mcLoader and DID NOT MAKE THE IMAGE SHOW UP ON THE BOTTOM RIGHT HAND SIDE OF THE PAGE!!! Why couldn’t I have figured this out last night?
I am one happy man!!! :slight_smile:

on (rollOver) {
on (rollOut) {

on (press) {

	var mcHolder:MovieClip = createEmptyMovieClip("mcHolder",getNextHighestDepth());
var mcLoader:MovieClipLoader = new MovieClipLoader();

mcLoader.loadClip("photo1.jpg", mcHolder);


on (release) {