Why does buying traffic have horrible results?

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Buying traffic is basically someone sending out your banner, link, or some other means across their network to get people to visit your site. However buying traffic usually has some horrible results. The bounce rate is incredibly high, it eats up a ton of bandwidth, the traffic comes from everywhere, you get a lot of useless traffic. Certain affiliates will cancel your account if they find you buying traffic. But hey it’ll get you on Alexa really fast.
[/quote] Im trying to start a new online business and I want to use clickonomy.com to buy traffic. If I spend $1 per click and I buy 100 clicks at a time. How many clicks will I need to make a profit of about $3,000/month if Im getting an affiliate commission of 50%. Will it take me several years to build the traffic and create this profit? Why does buying traffic have horrible results?

Can I ask a question(s) first? If you know that buying traffic has terrible results, why do even bother?

Why do you think that buying traffic has terrible results?

The answers to these questions will tell me how much you understand about business

I’m trying to find out why buying traffic produces terrible results from the user who made that comment named
PinUp-Net. If this is true, of course I wouldn’t even try.

Please tell us about your business and website…

Why does buying “leads” often fail?

Because they aren’t true leads!

If I told you I would give you 100,000 “verified” business leads for $50, and then after I took your money handed you the telephone book, how successful do you think you’d be at converting people?

Ah, but I did give you 100,00 “verified” real life people in your area, didn’t I? :wink:

Now you will understand!

First, my definition of buying traffic differs from PinUp-Net.

Placing ads, be it banners, video ads or any other kind of adverstising, is not buying traffic for me although it seems to be for @PinItUp. That’s what Google Adwords is all about. I mention Google Adwords because it is, for sure, the biggest advertisement network that you can find.

The success of these ads varies for various reasons. Some of those reasons are under your control. Some are out of your control.

Writing or creating a good ad, that it is truthful but at the same time enganging and clear, is something that you could do.

Also, targeting the right group is something that you can control and this comes under understanding your customers and potential customers, their expectations, what they need, what they want… and what they want but they don’t know they want it… yet.

These ads will be sent to the website of those persons who authorized the network company to publish that publicity. These people will create some frames to show these ads. And this is one of the things you can’t control. You don’t know where the ad will be placed or how good that guy will be at placing those frames.

You can be sure that he will want to earn as much from your publicity. After all, you’re paying that unknown guy per each click (via the advertisement network)

This would be the equivalent to place an ad in a newspaper, or a radio station or even TV. Although today we call it Google Adsense, Facebook ads, etc.

Can you call that “buying traffic”? Well, it is buying traffic but I personally call it marketing campaign

Does it work? That depends on how good you are finding the right search terms and how good your ads are and where they are in the website where they’re published.

Now, if someone offers you “thousands of clicks and traffic to your site, visitors from 45 countries in the world and blah blah blah…” I’d start running and wouldn’t stop till I’m at the other side of the country.

It is very rare to find an honest company. They do exist but they’re very rare. Most of the time, these companies (at least, the scammy ones) use scripts to simulate visitors. Sometimes you notice by their erractic browsing. And even if they’re real, they’re not interested in your products or your company. This means, this is not targeted traffic. They’re paid to view ads while their browsing. It is rare that a non-targeted visitor wants to interact with your company and, at the end of the day, this is what is all about.

The results with this kind of traffic are very low.

Is it worth it? Again, with some honest company, if you have a terrific ad, honest, well explained and engaging, you may get results but the hard thing is to find that honest company and it is a lot effort.

You want targeted traffic because the chances that they buy from you are higher. At least, they’re interested on what you have to offer

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That comment was made five years ago and the user hasn’t been very active since. (If you visit their profile, you’ll see their last post was made in March 2010.)

I’m intrigued as to what has made you choose the site you mentioned. When I visited it, I could find no information at all about their services; they simply wanted me to sign up for an account. That in itself is enough to make me very wary, so I wonder what made you pick them?

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Hi Technobear, I’m using clickonomy because it was offered as a resource with the online business program
I just joined called The Profit Academy by Anik Singal.
I have a 30 day money back guarantee. I paid $2,997.
Now I’m wondering if it’s worth it if I have to pay more
for paid traffic.

Thank you for your long and informative reply. What do you think if I used clickonomy to buy click packages to be an affiliate in one of their categories like Health and fitness? Would it be really difficult to get targeted traffic?
I got this resource from the online business program-The
Profit Academy by Anik Singal.

Thank you Molona for your long and informative reply.

I don’t have a clue about them but for the little research I’ve done, I wouldn’t use them.
Not even if Anik Singal tells me so. I don’t Anik Singal is

Anik Singal is a founder of Lurn Inc that is offering online education and assisting entrepreneurs particulary internet marketer based on I found out on my search in net. I don’t know well about his business.

Buying traffic works just fine, if all you’re tracking is the visits to your site! If your site is ad-supported and only looks at CPM, for example, buying traffic is a fine option. Ditto if you’re just buying scammy traffic then trying to sell your website.

Now we get to the more interesting part: buying targeted traffic that will bring conversions. Clickonomy sends you random traffic (at $1 per click, which is very expensive!). What about instead looking at targeted traffic generation like AdWords? That’s closer to what @molona refers to: a marketing campaign, not just buying pings on your server.

you can rely only on google adwords because this is the most trustworthy thing to do for PPC.

Think you really need to narrow down on your niche if you are buying traffic. The approach listed above is a shotgun approach. Take me for example I have just been researching buying traffic on this site “Sitepoint” because sitepoint has my target market. My target market is web developers so any CPC or impressions from a site dedicated to web developers would be much higher than random potential buyers.

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