Why do robots crawl a site?

I am sorry I am new so I want to ask you a question or I could make a thread regarding this but I am not sure which section or forum is appropriate for this topic, anyway my question is why robots crawl your site; I mean what is their benefit and what danger is present to your site due to this?


I just know that the normal robots crawl your site to get information about it eventually becomes indexed. But, I think that “web security” would be a great place to ask about the “bad robots”.

Many robots crawl a site, such as Google’s. The search engines crawl sites to see what’s on them and “index” them (that is, copy them into their database so that when someone searches for something, Google can point them to useful resources).

Spammers also use robots to crawl your site and look for things like email addresses they can harvest and send spam to.

Robots crawl your site and put all record in his database and according to algorithm display your website in SERP.

robots crawl sites, because the authors of these robots want to get the information from your sites : not only emails, but other contacts, content and vulnerabilities too. basically, because they can.

hi friend,
robots crawl your website to gather all the information present on your website and store in their data base. due to that, if someone search for information related to your work on search engine, they can show you in there SERPs. if there is change in your website then robots crawl to gather update information and show it in there search result.