Why do php frameworks have to require composer?

Why do php frameworks have to require composer?
The web host I’m using doesn’t have shell access, so I cannot install composer, and many other web hosts don’t support shell access either.

There was a time where shell access wasn’t required in frameworks, but now the added complexity has made it less compatible, whereas Wordpress or Codeigniter doesn’t need shell access (or composer) to install.

So which framework are you using?

Composer does not require shell access to production machines. Set yourself up a development machine, get everything working then use one of the many ftp clients to just upload the entire directory structure to your shared host production machine.

Composer itself represents a significant improvement over previous approaches to using shared libraries such as PEAR. Hence it’s almost universal appeal to modern application developers.

I think you are talking about the framework Laravel. If yes, I confirm that beside the fact that this framework is the really famous now and powerful ( as the most of articles are talking about it), in same time it is not easy to get it work properly.

If you like really to live the experience with Laravel, I advice you to test it on a cloud hosting ( ex: digitalocean ), install Ubuntu for example ( Ubuntu is an operating system) than you can install MySQL, PHP and Composer, and sure Laravel. And the cost is similar than a shared hosting.

Good luck !

In situations like this you can run composer on your local machine and then just upload all the files.

Composer solves packaging issues in a very convenient way, which is why frameworks use it. It’s not perfect but it is utilized by most php packages, and that’s one of its strengths. I hate JavaScript where we need to deal with multiple package managers.

@desbest - You’re perspective is the application end user’s perspective. Try to think more from the developer’s perspective, especially for open source PHP projects. (BTW, Codeigniter 3 uses composer too.) The point being, the final application is what is uploaded via FTP to the server and then used by the end user. Developers of open source, however, need to combine libraries that are also being constantly improved by other developers and this combining of libraries is made possible through composer. You could say, the composer step is a step needed before the final application is written and finished (the code uploaded via FTP).

I hope that makes sense.


The question is very wrong.
Only Laravel I guess require composer.
Some framework makes composer only an option.
for shell I guess you can install gitbash.

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