Why do I have scrolllbars?

Newb question about http://www.smbresearch.net/ in IE7/8: Why do I have scrollbars? I want to keep the green background, but I do not want scrollbars. I have not been able to figure out how to get rid of them.

2nd question: When I resize the browser window, the left column moves. Is this because I have specified “clear: left;” for the left column, and “float: right” for the right column?

I would like both left and right columns to stay put when the browser window get resized.

Thaks in advance for your help.


What scrollbars? All I see is one scrollbar, that’s normal. I would not recommend getting rid of it.

The left column moves because you haven’t specified a fixed width for the containing div. By the way, your code is a mess and it doesn’t validate.

Meaning the W3C Validation Markup Service gives errors and/or warnings about your HTML, which is generally considered bad practice.

Moreover, HTML that validates is far more likely to work correctly in different browsers, whereas HTML that does not validate most of the time only works in one browser (namely the browser you tested the HTML in :))

fading vision and ScallioXTX, thanks much for your feedback (I think). As Murphy’s Law woudl have it, no sooner did I post this longstanding scrollbar issue (which i toook to be some sort of “page” coding error), then the issue cleared itself mysteriously.

Unless I am losing my mind the issue with the leftcol also cleared itself - or, more likely, cleared itself to due some remedy I was not aware I was even administering.

I am taking your validation suggestion to heart and shall validate this code to see if I can clear all errors.

By the way, when you validate, do you let W3 automatically correct the errors for you (which I think is an option) or you prefer the (perhaps tried-and-true) method of going line-by-line and correcting the erros yourself?

Thanks again,

I would recommend learning how to code standards compliant HTML rather than letting the machine attempt to fix your code each time.

ScallioXTX’s got the right idea, inconsistencies in your site appear and disappear almost magically if your code isn’t valid. However, valid code doesn’t fix everything since different browsers render things slightly differently, but it’s a step in the right direction.

You are referring to the TIDY Element of the Validator which is a Lint if you use it; use with caution as it may destroy things you don’t want it to but as a guideline it is usually fairly good.

In either case you can download TIDY or use something like the Marc Gueury’s ‘Firefox HTML Validator’ addon that includes Tidy and can be configure to show; invalid (x)html “warnings” automatically in the browser status bar.

Marc Gueury’s ‘Firefox HTML Validator’ addon

One tip if you use this plugin, disable it by default and only enable it for domains you really want to use it (that’s how I do it).
It slows down surfing considerably (especially javascript heavy sites like gmail).