Why do I get few earnings from my pr 4 blog?

I have a blog.It has got PR 4 in the latest pr update.I have placed some google adsense on it.But up to now,I have got few earnings from the blog.I don’t know why.Who can help me? My blog is [NOPARSE]http://www.171english.com[/NOPARSE] Your advice will be much appreciated.

I can’t load your site… maybe that is one the reasons…

There are basically two problems why you have low earnings - Traffic or CTR.

Do you have at least 100 visitors to your site daily? If no, focus to build up your traffic first.

what traffic are you getting. I am searching for a simular issue also with my adsense. I don’t understand when you have a couple thousand unique visits a day you still do not get paid much for clicks.

I can open your site ok and it looks good but then when I click on any of the articles they just show “Service unavailable” . I tried about 5 and they all did exactly the same.

Maybe this is the reason ? Sorry I can’t be more helpful.

If you are not getting good traffic then try to increase traffic. and still your earning is too low then my be your cpc rates are very low. You can also use other publishers add.