Why did Ezine rape my article?

I submitted an article to Ezine several days ago and it approved soon.But to my disappointment, its editor changed the link in my article and directed my article to other’s hompage!That is to say, I just wrote an article for others.What I was doing is a just a waste of time.I had to delete my article.You know,I wrote an article for my competitor.How could Ezine do that? I thought it was a good website to submit my article.I think I was wrong.

It happens to me, that almost half of my fresh contents save and approved in Ezine with links and name in me are even deleted with a new name and link. I contacted them, but days had passed, there is no response.

This is strange. I have never experienced this problem personally, but on the same note, I don’t publish many articles to article directories.

I hope they give you an explanation. I know that you have already deleted the article to rid yourself of this problem, but an explanation should be given from Ezine.

That stinks. I can’t say I’ve experienced my links being changed. I have noticed that links you include in your articles are no longer “do follow”.

I’ve never had any issues with getting links into my articles when using the Author SIG - Resource Box. Just enter your links there and you should be good to go.

I think those links are the “automatic” links where ezine puts links for keywords for internal linking. But I think you can contact support if they really changed / removed your OWN link.

That sucks…any explanation from Ezine?

Ezinearticles is being a real pain lately. they have changes a lot of things and added a lot more rules. You can hardly link to anything. I would say it is only safe to put in maybe ONE link in your article now. Ezine is almost worthless.

You can still edit it or delete it, don’t just leave it like that!

lol first time ive heard this…

I don’t know why.But they indeed changed the link in my article.I can’t believe it.

Foolishly I wrote content at one time for others. My articles are all over ezine articles now and nearly none of them link back to me. I even had an incidence where someone claimed my work as his own. Sending them the hard copy set them straight. Now, as long as my name is on my articles I just let it go.

I just deleted it.You know, I can’t tolerate it.

If I had that option with my work that others have uploaded there, I would do the same. But, did you contact them and ask them why they changed your link? They were pretty prompt in answering my questions and solving the problem.

I asked them why but they didn’t respond to my questions.

I am sad to hear about your problems. Ezine were pretty reliable years ago. I have to say that I’d never considered it a good idea to submit my full articles to anyone’s site. I’d better let them on my blog and then promote the blog or some tutorials in hotscripts for instance, since you present the article and link to it, than send the entire article to someone else. Looks like it was a better idea in the end.

This particular issue with ezine is nothing new. If you are not a seasoned pro and is only in the earlier levels then you tend to suffer the most.

DMOZ were also very reliable years ago, but times are changing…:slight_smile: