Why did blog has removed from Blogger

Hi Everybody,
I am new user of blogs,
I have made my blog and posting in last three months. I have 8-10 blogs but my three blogs
http://infotenantloanuk.blogspot.com/, http://securedloanukinfo.wordpress.com/

are not live, I can not understand that why did my blogs has removed, Please anybody can tell me what would be the reason behind this.

Your suggestion would be appreciate.

the best way is to have your own domain name and pay for your own hostinf service…that will save you a lot of headache…because you could work weeks or months for a blog and one day you just wake up that it’s all gone…traffic, rankings, money…and all for breaking some rule…

Well, I have blogs on both WordPress and Blogger. And blogs on WordPress are all get banned, but blogs on Blogger are still available currently.

Sadly I have to agree with this now. I used to have different Idea but not anymore. I have 4-5 Blogger blogs and one blog got deleted few months ago. Funny thing was that was the only blow which had real content and real organic traffic. Blog was about the camera I own and content was unique and written by my self. and They sent a mail telling it’s spam !

Fortunately I had a backup so I made a real site with a real domain and upload the backup as a wordpress blog. Now I’m gaining back both earnings and traffic I lost.

If you still use Blogspot blogger then make sure you take a backup every time you make a post.

May be you are considered as a spammer

And this thread is a perfect example of why you shouldn’t use third-party hosts for your sites.

I think after some time all blogs of blogger are automatic deleted by blogger. can anybody show me any blog from blogger which have page rank by Google.

I will much recommend you to create a new blogger account then copy the information you posted on the other blog. After copying, delete it.

Hate to say this but you are really at the mercy of blogger right now. I’ve heard this happened to a lot of legit blogs. :frowning:

i have done this and my blogs are still not live yet!
what else can i do,does blogger have a phone # i can call to talk to a human being about this problem?
any 411 on this?

Blogger has this automated spam something which is not very accurate. If it detects your blog as a spam blog even if its not then it will block it. Just request to have it back.

Blogger probably detected that you are having too many blogs.

If your blog is not a spam, maybe your blogs links to each other. You can read these article, and find it on what do you violate blogger:

all three blogs which i have given above

Maybe this can be the answer.
They think your blog is just for make link to your site.
You make it several for just only one site, so they think it was spam blogs

Recently I face same problem, even blog is not spam and it is 2 years old.

you probably broke their terms of service

see http://www.blogger.com/content.g

here’s an interesting portion, i wonder if it has any bearing on what you were posting…[indent]Spam: Spam takes several forms in Blogger, all of which can result in deletion of your account or blog. Some examples include creating blogs designed to drive traffic to your site or to move it up in search listings and posting comments on other people’s blogs just to promote your site or product.[/indent]

Maybe you tried to use the blogs in a so-called link-wheel?