Why can’t I login to this other forum?

This following forum, volunteer run, has worked fine for a long time but recent changes have only allowed desktop access.

When trying to login using an iPad, a flashing login form pops up and quickly disappears! Numerous browsers all have the same infuriating effect.

I would be grateful for a solution that I could forward to the relevant design team.


Try to use direct link to login form

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Many thanks, it worked! But why?

Well I guess they haven’t tested their fancy login form animation in Safari

PS: It’s a big surprise for me that CodeIgniter is still alive :laughing:


Safari doesn’t like the keyframe ending at 50% (instead of 100%) at opacity:1 and reverts back to opacity:0 which was the original value. The js writes an inline style of opacity:1 which should have solved the problem but Safari seems to ignore this dynamically added rule as far as the keyframe goes.

Therefore the login box is on screen but goes from opacity:0 to opacity:1 and then back to opacity:0.

It could be fixed with some css like this:


As @veocode said this is down to poor testing.


If you are into PHP Frameworks then the latest version may be of interest:

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