Why aren't my key bindings working for my view in browser package?(sublime text 3)

Hey friends I just finished my website and now I wanna see how it looks on all the different browsers. When I originally downloaded Sublime Text, the default browser that was opened was IE. So I downloaded the View in Browser package, looked online for a minute and copied and pasted this in to the view in browser user settings:

  "keys": [ "ctrl+alt+c" ], "command": "view_in_browser", 
  "args": { "browser": "chrome" } 

this worked back then like last year, when I originally wanted chrome to be my default browser. But then I downloaded Firefox and tried changing that key binding to:

  "keys": [ "ctrl+alt+f" ],"command": "view_in_browser", 
  "args": { "browser": "firefox" } 

would work. But it didn’t? Chrome still opens? In fact deleting that whole line and having no key binding doesn’t do anything either? Chrome will still open with Ctrl + Alt + c??

Anyway I found another method online. I went to my preferences, opened key bindings and pasted this into the user section:

  { "keys": [ "ctrl+alt+v" ], "command": "view_in_browser" },
  { "keys": [ "ctrl+alt+f" ], "command": "view_in_browser", "args": { "browser": "firefox" } },
  { "keys": [ "ctrl+alt+c" ], "command": "view_in_browser", "args": { "browser": "chrome" } },
  { "keys": [ "ctrl+alt+i" ], "command": "view_in_browser", "args": { "browser": "iexplore" } },
  { "keys": [ "ctrl+alt+s" ], "command": "view_in_browser", "args": { "browser": "safari" } } 

EDIT: This was in my console

git: untracking working dir C:\Users\Marian\Desktop\codeProjects\c4 View In Browser plugin v2.0.0, Python 3 C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe

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