Why are there viruses when i download computer magazines from any site?

Contact them and ask what services they provide and how they charge. I assume you would have to pay since it is a “commercial service” and if they do “on-site” call-outs you’d have to pay a call-out fee too. In either case they will charge you a fee.

get rid of that alpha anti virus!

Clear ALL temp files then download Malwarebytes anti malware install it -> update it and run it. you may have to run it from safe mode too to make it work properly.

you may also wanna download Spybot Search & Destroy ->update it and run it. (may wanna run this too from safe mode)

if that doesnt do it you can install Hijackthis -> run it ->save log and come back and post your log here so people can see it, and help.

download AVG antivirus -> update it, and use it.

IF you are downloading pirated version of magzines then this makes sense. If you are downloading from official sites then report that bug.