Why are graphics appearing different on other computers than the one I design on?

I am having trouble figuring this out, go to http://thesitemonkey.com/geotrac/about-us.html .

In the beginning of the content area I have a DIV with a background that is a very faint blue (at bottom) that fades into white. It’s a very soft, faint gradient. This is how it appears for me on my main computer / design machine using an LG Flatron L227WTG . On my other smaller, older gateway laptop the entire box looks full and it looks horrible and completely different. I have no idea why this is and have not been able to figure it out, I have tried searching for the answer, messing with the Flatron settings, everything, I just can’t seem to figure out why any image with gradients on it is appearing much better on my Flatron but different on every other screen. Looking forward to figuring out what’s going on here.

That sounds like what I am seeing in Firefox, too. I’d say you need to lighten the image a lot. I suspect the view you don’t like is what most people will be seeing. Perhaps take a screen shot of the view you do want.

There is a screenshot of what it’s supposed to look like straight in photoshop (it also looks this way in my browser on my computer). Edit: Just added a screenshot of what it looks like in my browser as well.

Also, the main header image appears much more faded on my computer then everyone elses too apparently, this is even worse as this is one of the main graphics.

I just checked this post with my other computer and it looks different, how could this be happening? Even the screenshots are not looking the way they are supposed to or the way they show on my main/design computer.

There’s probably just something wrong with your old computer…like you said, it’s really old.

Everything works fine here.


Each monitor displays images differently, I’m afraid, so it’s useful to check your graphics/colors etc. in on a range of devices to make sure you get something acceptable on each one. Both I and my mother have iMacs, and the colors are quite different on each! You can alter your monitor’s color settings, but you can’t go out and change everyone else’s, so you have to be prepared for some shocks, I’m afraid. :frowning:

+1 to that advice.

My old monitor started showing colours oddly, but it happened so gradually, I didn’t notice. It was only when I happened to look at one of my sites on somebody else’s monitor that I wondered why the colour was so different. Shortly after this, it became apparent my monitor was faulty and I got a new one. I was surprised to find that none of my recent sites was the colour I thought it was, but at least they were all pleasant colours - apart from my own, which was the most hideously garish colour imaginable. :lol:

some PC have required the graphics card and different screen resolution problem. i check you site for different PC its work proper.