Why am I getting 'not defined' in my console?

Hey guys I’m making a tetris game and right now I wanna test a fuction that checks to see if the piece has collided with the wall. Except it says my collision function is not defined?


That would be this section of code:

//create an array to hold all of the tetrominos
const pieces = [
	[Z, 'red'],
	[S, 'limegreen'],
	[T, 'yellow'],
	[O, 'blue'],
	[L, '#b938ff'],
	[I, 'cyan'],
	[J, 'orange']

The console is right, for Z, S, T, and so forth aren’t defined anywhere.

The tetriminos.js file from the Tetris-JavaScript project provides definitions for those variables.

My bad I actually have them defined in the tetromino.js file I just don’t have it on the fiddle, since I can onlyu put one js file there. I forgot this would create a problem rendering the actual tetromino pieces to the board. Here, I moved the all the tetromino arrays to the tetris.js file so you can now see the main issue I’m having https://jsfiddle.net/6nsjktgm/1/

Compare your code with the code in the GitHub repo, and you’ll easily find the reason why.