Why (5)--> (7) requires reentered to be true?

I have a problem in understanding the code appeared in
the research paper: Cross-Contract Static Analysis for Detecting Practical Reentrancy Vulnerabilities in Smart Contracts at: https://yuleisui.github.io/publications/ase20.pdf
I think that condition on line#5 should be false in any case in order to accomplish the transfer in line#9. But the paper says that:

However, in practice, such path in CFG to exercise the chain can never be feasible. The
reason is that○5 →○7 requires reEntered = true while○? →○5→○7 requires reEntered = false. They are contradictory.

We have the following code shown in the attached image:

Somebody please guide me.


reEntered is always false, as far as that code is concerned, except while executing buyAndSetDivPercentage.value. That said, i can’t actually… make heads or tails of what that actually DOES, unless buyAndSetDivPercentage somehow loops and calls receiveDividends, which… I can’t see.

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