Whois.net down right now... alternatives?

Whois.net is down now (has been for an hour here). Are there any alternative sites that do expired domain name searches for free, in real time. I do not want to pay, and I do not have the time to wait for services via email. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Oops misread the question!


Its up now… but I still wonder about alternatives. :slight_smile:


register.com is quite good…

Check http://www.deleteddomains.com - annoying popup ads though…

Thanks all. Chicken THANKS especially to you… I had wanted a certain name for a couple years and never bothered checking to see when it expired because I thought it was a lost cause. Then I ran a search based on two terms in the domain name at deleteddomains.com and the domain I had wanted came up as deleted just yesterday! I almost fell off my chair! Thanks again. It is a great search function and the pop ups really are not that bad.

Hey excellent! Hope you get it first! My lady luck be with you!

Got it first, slam dunk, two points. Thanks. :slight_smile: