Who wins? many small projects or little big projects?


From freelancing and business point of view which will be the winner? If I do many small projects? or if I do little but big projects? For example let’s say I will have maybe 6 small projects in a month and 2-3 big projects every 2-5 months.

Which will bring me more money?

Far too many variables to give that a proper answer!
6 jobs per month @ $2000 assuming that all the jobs are the same, it could be 6 jobs @ $150

or you could get 1 job @$10,000 which takes you 3 months - which is better? who knows? could you get those jobs? who knows?

Too many variables :nono:

It really depends on your situation. My situation is that I am a freelance PHP web developer. I often do work sub contracted from web development/design firms or sub-sub contracted (so 1 to 2 layers away from the client). From my experience I would have to say that small to medium (hours to week long) projects are better. You can charge a standard fee for common tasks you do often and they will take you less time than you charge. With bigger projects and a one-man band it is too easy for something to go wrong in my situation. When you’re so far down the pipeline just try charging for those scope creep items :wink: lol, it’s a battle!

A mix is best.
Some smaller projects for security and stable income and few big ones that can take longer but have higher returns.