Who pays the Paypal fee for sending money?

If someone sends me money, via Paypal. Do I pay a fee for receiving it?
If so, how much?

It depends on how they send it and what sort of account you have.

Any money sent with the “Send Money” option doesn’t have a fee attached at all.

If you have a personal account then any money sent to your account doesn’t have any fees either but you can’t receive money from credit cards or other sources where Paypal has to pay a fee. If anyone sends you money that way Paypal will ask you to upgrade your account before you can accept the money and then you will pay a fee on all money you receive from all souces except through “Send Money”.

Person that receives the money gets the fees…sender doesnt pay fees.

The sender can pay, if they chose to do so.

A local computer store I buy from sometimes accepts Paypal and for Paypal payments they do the same as they do for credit cards - the fee that paypal is going to charge gets added to the price so that even though they have the fee deducted from the payment when they receive it they still end up with the same amount they would have got if the buyer paid cash. The sender doesn’t get to choose whether or not to pay the fee in that situation.