Who offer the best free hosting?

I just brought around 50 domain and I’m searching for free hosting account online. Any suggests?

If you bought 48 domains instead of 50 you could buy yourself a nice hosting plan!

I know forums like freewht.com and freewebspace.net, hostbidder.com, freehostforum.com where you can find some names.
I think Dan is right. for such number of domain names I recommend to have reseller account or multiply domain name hosting.

you need a multiple domain hosting, Either you try a Reseller Plan or buy a Dedicated Server to host all your websites

If you can purchase 50 Domains …surely I feel you should go for reseller hosting …and if you are looking for reliable service go for paid webhosting.

With 50 domains I don’t think it is a feasible solution to host in a free web host as many others said. Also there is no way to demand quality service with a free host since it is free. Another point is that there is no best host even in paid hosting; but there is a host that will be best for you…

As for me, you need multiple domain hosting plans. I would suggest two options either reseller hosting or try dedicated server.

If you want to park them I would recommend you use SEDO or Parked.com for parking.
If you are planning to have web sites with them - small but paid multiply domain name hosting.

Free Hosting is not feasible solution for you. Free hosting packages are very restricted and you cannot do much with them.

You can easily find cheapest multiple domain hosting packages where you can host all these domains (In few pounds/month with UNLIMITED bandwidth and decent amount of disk space).I will suggest you to go for that option and not for Free Hosting.


I believe reseller account will work for you.