Who is “Node JS” developer?

I search for clients on upwork and often I see demand
“Node JS” developer.
I work with vuejs, using npm commands, which are based on nodejs.
I have common understanding that nodejs runs javascript on server and is required for
development with modern reactive libraries, like vuejs.
Can I consider myself as “Node JS” developer?
Or it can be installed not as tool say for vuejs(as I do) as separate library and “Node JS” developer work with it?



Meh! I don’t think that is what is meant.

If I understand the OP correctly, they are asking if they can consider themselves a “Node developer” if they know how to install Node and use Node/npm to run build tools such as the Vue CLI .

Tell me if I got that wrong @petrogromovo

Anyway, the answer to this question is unfortunately “no”. Being a Node dev involves writing server-side web applications using Node and oftentimes a framework such as Express.

You might like to read this article should help put things into perspective.


Meh!, I have a tendency to answer a question as I understand it and
probably because the answer that I provide sometimes provides, for
me anyway, a certain amount of mild amusement. :winky:



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