Who here uses wordpress for their client websites?

What web developers out there use wordpress for their client sites? Who doesn’t? why/why not? I have avoided it for the most part, aside from using it as a blog, but it looks like it has evolved fairly nicely nowadays. Do you cut your costs to the client when utilizing wp instead of something else? Looking for feedback!

I suppose its" horses for courses" as the saying goes.

I would not use it as it is a large an install; it is a pain to modify as you need to rely on someone else’s code, an update might be a problem if you use plugins as they might not work etc.

But then again if the customer is updating it themselves it might be easier for them to do it through the interface.

I never touch it as it’s not flexible enough for the type of sites I often build. If I get quote request for WP sites I always pass.

I’m an ExpressionEngine guy :slight_smile:

I pretty much develop websites on Wordpress exclusively at this point. (Web applications are another matter, though.)

I develop with Wordpress because the templating system is fairly straight-forward, there’s pretty good documentation, lots of code examples, plenty of plugins to add functionality, fairly straight-forward plugin system to develop your own plugins, and solid communities where you can look for answers when you get stuck or need help.

Granted, Wordpress has its fair share of issues and limitations, but for most situations, it works well enough for what I need it to do (and it’s free!).

WordPress is a good tool for creating dynamic website… if you have limited budget and resource.

Mohsin Fancy

I’m using WordPress few years and my clients like WP because is very easy to use.

Not me. At this point I’m pretty much exclusively Drupal development. While Drupal isn’t perfect it’s aeons more pleasant than working with WordPress’s poor architecture. Not to mention the Drupal community actually tries to improve the architecture every release. However, WordPress still has the same poor written code from ten years back. Unless I was forced to use WordPress I never will again. Anything WordPress can do Drupal can do better with more flexibility and stability. This is especially true considering the upcoming release of version 8. Than again I’m a programmer not merely a designer or site builder. So enjoy getting down and dirty in code and things like Dependency Injection make me happy.

wordpress comes with many features designed to publish your website on internet.we often use wordpress for clients websites.

Since April 2013, 1300+ Wordpress websites developed & deployed, tyvm :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes ,
I agree with u but ,wordpress is a good tools and this is a dynamic and under budget

I use WordPress for my personal website and also my clients.
the only reason for me is WordPress’s user friendly in the admin area especially for my clients with zero experience about the web

This is the exact reason I started using it 4 years ago, I haven’t used other CMS platforms other than Sharepoint (which is a whole other kettle of complex fish).
WordPress isn’t perfect, though neither is any other system, but it’s good for clients out the box, the editor UI is similar to Word, uploading is pretty straightforward and everything is fairly clean. Combining it with something like HTML5 Boilerplate means I can have a basic frame ready in a day or two, drop in my loop, some wp_nav and I have a skeleton ready to go with navigation.

The hard part is finding reliable plugins, but this comes with time. I now have a “go to” list for tables and forms, and I’m working on security hardening next. Once I have set of core plugins I can get those up and working in a few hours too.

I want to work on a way to inject pages into the MySQL db next, I can get Dreamweaver to create basic formatting markup (it’s still good for something!) and then I want to find a way to mass upload it all into the db with all the correct entries, it would save me loading each page individually to copy and paste for reams of content. It may be a huge waste of time, but I’ve had to populate WordPress sites with 100’s of pages before and it’s not fun, Sharepoint was waaaaay worse 6 years ago though!!

You can get a website to do anything regardless of the platform it is developed on, just different amounts of effort and for most sites WordPress works fine if you put everything together correctly. Any PHP you learn for it can probably be reapplied elsewhere too and if you start dabbling in plugins as well, then you can probably do 99% of things quite quickly.

I find it’s pretty flexible but then I design/develop with it in mind, I shy away from e-commerce sites but I’m looking to go into that soon too.
I can’t think of a site I couldn’t use it for but then I haven’t built every kind of site at every scale :slight_smile:

But I will take a look at the competition sometime soon too.

Im also using it sometimes, its fast and easy, plus it`s seo friendly.

I am also using wordpress because it is very easy to create dynamic website.