Who has fish?

Any fish keepers on this forum ?

I keep mostly Class N Endler’s Livebearers.

Geez that’s so cruel.

Haha same! I’ve got some nice tinned sardines, mackerel, and kipper fillets! I love fresh salmon too!

I used to have a Goldfish that I had won in a carnival / festival in September 2001. I called him Ruud Van Nistleroy (pressure from my brother but also because he was my favourite player for Manchester United, despite not being a big football fan) and he lives happily with us for just over 4 years. That was a Goldfish on it’s own from a carnival / festival. We were amazed each month that passed…And we were very saddened when I came home from school to find it dead in its tank :frowning:

Life goes on though and we have pictures of him up on the wall to honour and remember his 4 long years (we’d say its 4 long years compared to the lifespan of previous Goldfish we’ve had).

We don’t have any fish now though. We said we wouldn’t after he passed away. :slight_smile:

Andrew Cooper

I have some fish in my fridge…

I have an aquarium at home sad to say fishes were dead after almost 3 week of not feeding… t’was when we got on vacation and no one was left at home…

I collect some fishes a pond , now they are on my room in a fish tank

I got a Beta at work…in a fish bowl.


in like the this is forum site. Every fish keeper entered in this forum site…

I’m in the process of buying a new home. Hopefully after I move I’ll have time and a place to set up a small pond for some koi.

We have African Cichlids in a fresh water tank and a Maroon Clown in a reef tank. Our cichlids are descendants of those from Lake Malawi (Lake Nyasa).

Yeah I have a tropical fresh water tank but I’m a complete amateur. I never spend more than £5 on a fish because I’d be too worried about killing it.

Tank looks fab though when it’s just had a bunch of fresh plants put in and I love to just watch them simming around, very relaxing, I like the sound of the water bubbling through the filter too.

I have a pond at countryside, just populated it. However, manic work to create one. :slight_smile:

I’ve kept fish off an on for years. Recently set up a 55 gal fresh water planted tank. It’s going pretty well, style going through some cycling as we have some algae issues, but we’re almost there.

I don’t but I want some. Are fish pets? do real estate agents call fish a pet? would have thought they’d be more of the plant genre, they just sit there and look pretty…

Sold my saltwater setup this past year. I had approx 400gals of coral propagation saltwater system. It was great fun, and was sad to see it go, but web bidness had picked up to the point where I could no longer devote the necessary time to it.

I’ll probably get another smaller (much smaller) saltwater setup at some point in the future but I’m not in any rush at the moment.