Who am I?

We can see a different taste on how customers behave with their service providers. Some want coders, some want developers. These terms come closely but it is hard to find out who I am.

What is the basic difference in meaning understood by many employers with these two terms? How should I present myself, who am I?

And how to find out, which word feels good to which customer?
What is their opinion on a developer and a coder? Ultimately both of them do the same, if it is a personal hiring for a small project.

This has been discussed a few times, including very recently:

You may find there’s no firm guidelines for you to follow, though. Just a lot of opinion!

Thanks for a thread of opinions. I would like to stick in dealing with new customers’ preferences - what they want in me.

I know my capabilities well, but it does not limit to back end developer, front end developer or programmer, or coder. Hence I think, any one term is okay, whenever required.

New customers make a lot of screening with those words. And based on the misunderstanding of the terms, they are likely to go back. In some other cases, they do not want to hire if they know we work in a team; they want individuals. Extra benefit working in a team can be a supplementary of skill-set, without having to pay for extra. It is something similar to referring to a colleague with a small part of graphics (css coding) or programming assistance.

The main thread of communication does not change. But speaking the truth is loss of possible customer.

They want individuals (and of course with full range of skills diversifying from graphics design to backend programming). Yet, they want to stick to their favorable word one of the above, that I should tag myself.