White hyperlink in Drupal 7

When a user on my Drupal 7 creates a blog and inserts a hyperlink, the hyperlink text appears white. White text on a while background is not good.

Somewhere, in a CSS file, the link for an “a” is defined as white. I do not know which one to change because I assume the text in menus should be white if they are links.

Please advise. How do I make the change so that hyperlinks are not white in drupal 7 blogs.

If you post a link, we can suggest a CSS fix.

Which theme are you using for the blog?

Usually the css files are inside (your_project_name)/sites/all/themes/(your_theme_name)/css/.

Check if there is either main.css or style.css. They are the ones most likely containing the overall site’s CSS. Then change the

a {
    color: "your_desired_color";

However, it is not suggested to the change the theme itself if it is not designed by you. This is because, in the future, if you receive any updates to the theme, the update will override your changes.

Instead, create a sub theme. Check this link: Creating a sub theme in Drupal 7

Good news. I tracked down the problem using “inspector” in google chrome. When I flushed the CSS cache after making the changes, it worked.

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