White hat SEO For competitive keywords

I want to know if some one wants to optimize a website for very competitive keywords like travel, finance and …

  1. Can he use of blackhat seo techniques?
  2. Will he become successful only by using white hat seo?

Actually answering these questions are little difficult. Through white hat you may not get the result soon as you expect, but stability and acceptance is powerful than b.h. If you Black hat then improvement may be little quick but not stable and risky. Now choices upon you.

just go for white hat seo else your site will be banned.

The idea behind link farming is that you exchange links with other websites to boost your site’s rank in search results. Search engines like Google examine how many sites are linking to yours when determining rank.

When someone links to your blog post or a page on your site within their content, you have a quality inbound link. Unlike with black hat link farming, inbound linking is not a link list traded for the sake of boosting your search results.

So I think two types of seo technics seems to be wanted.

For Long term Process , we want to be ethical to search engines

I heard that SENuke uses black hat techniques that will help you promote your website. SENuke was known to help you rank your website within 24 hours.

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To answer your questions:

  1. Can he use of blackhat seo techniques?

very tricky question. those techniques might provide you with some short-term results but you have to weigh those against the long-term risks, i.e. getting banned from the search engine index.

  1. Will he become successful only by using white hat seo?

Maybe, the chances are pretty dim though and not only related to SEO but to your overall marketing strategy.

your best bet is to identify a niche market within those quite large markets for travel, fincance, … and work your way up from there.

However, if you have a product/service targeted at a larger market that has the potential to revolutionise the market, then you’ve got at least a decent chance of becoming successful - but this depends on your overall marketing strategy, and I’m talking here about the full marketing strategy, which includes but is not limited to Product, Price, Promotion, Place.

Google also looks at where those links are coming from. If you’re getting links from “link farms” - ie, sites that give out links indiscriminately and/or to a wide range of unrelated sites, and particularly those that offer no unique content beyond link bait and have no purpose beyond giving links - those links aren’t going to be worth anything very much, and there really isn’t any point in trying to get them.

in SEO in the sense Optimizing a website as a search engine friendly. we have to optimize a website in a ethical way means if we have to do a promotion, promote in a related category sites.
black hat is a non ethical process, its not good for the website.

Do not bother with black hat techniques. Think about it in this way… one day you will get caught and you will be stripped of all your rankings. Even if the site was a throw away site, i still wouldn’t bother. SEO takes time, you need to factor that into beginning your optimization and also pick realistic targets.

it really depends… since SEO is a long time and continues process… if someone create a site that target a very competitive kw, but a very authority site… its really possible…